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Ultimate Guide To Stain A Deck

Staining and sealing have been the most popular techniques to protect your decks from getting damaged. Staining is like laminating the deck to make it water-resistant. Sealing is about covering the joints to prevent water collection in those gaps that would damage the wood completely from inside. Deck Builders Tampa is extremely well off in providing these services of sealing and staining. The experts therein can even tell if the stain will protect the wood if it gets wet after a thorough inspection. If the answer goes negative, your wood requires dying.

Most researches and reports by customers conducted tests on various stains in the market to read out the best stain that would last longer. Ideally, it should last three to five years but mostly it requires a prompt to watch out annually. But with Deck Builders Tampa’s best installation and staining services, you can always benefit from the more long-lasting duration. Also, we have collected some guidelines if you are planning to get staining done on your own. Following are those guidelines:

1. For goodness, do check the weather forecast as well as avoid staining in the rainy season
Wood stains don’t go well with wet wood. You will need to apply staining solution on completely dry wood. Not only before application, has the wood needed to stay dry for 2-3 days after application. Moderate weather is best to enhance faster drying. Also, direct sunlight will cause discoloration too.

2. Prepare the base for application
The second step would be to clean the wood up. It must be free of dirt for stains to go smooth on application and finish too. For this, you can start by rubbing or sanding with paper making the surface smooth for application. You shall then look for sweeping out the additional dust. For excessive cleaning, you can go for a soft wash before everything. For this purpose, we suggest you hire the best professionals like Deck Builders Tampa.

3. Use the right brush types
You need to be very careful with the brush to be used for the application of stain. There are much variety of brushes available in the market. For example, most experts prefer synthetic brushes for treating water spots on the wood. However, natural bristles are a bit firm and can lose their solidity to go soften by absorbing water into the finish. You can also look for a roller when you have a huge area of the deck for smooth thin stain application.

4. Matching the stain to your wood requirements
Have you ever wondered why do you have so many categories of stains? The answer is every stain has its advantages. Also, the type of stain already present on your terrace will influence your choice. Solid stains would clog the pores of the wood, preventing transparent stains from penetrating the wood. But solid stains can have advantages too. You just need to go careful with the type of stain that would suit your deck.

5. Application of a thin coat of paint
When you are having a huge area to cover with staining, you first shall blend it thoroughly to get some solution and apply it to a small area as a trial. You need to be a bit gentle if you want some expert finish like some experts from Deck Builders Tampa. You need to go a bit layering while application. Normally you need to go with 2 coats of stains.

To assess the performance of different types of wood stains on your book, you shall prefer to see customer report ratings as well as the contents. You shall always get the best stain as it will make your deck wood-worthy and long-lasting. But as staining is something professional application, to save out your day and efforts, just go with the professional help for stain application on deck.

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