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Deck Builders Tampa is honoured to be one of the most prominent manufacturers of outdoor structures in Iowa. Pergolas are one of the most popular objects in Iowa.

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Shade, adding aesthetic landscaping accents to a backyard, and having gatherings with friends and family are all possibilities. Our pergolas are so well-designed that numerous Iowa cities have already placed bespoke orders for their own. Pergolas of all types are built and manufactured by us. Because there is no middleman to mark up the price, this is advantageous. The majority of other outdoor construction companies order lower-cost components and then mark them up to maximise profit. Our goods are uniquely designed, carved, and built in Tampa. You get to pick the design, colour, wood, or vinyl you want for your outdoor building.


Our bespoke pergola programmed will connect you with a designer and craftsman to ensure that you get the stunning pergola you’ve always wanted. We ensure that you will have a long-lasting, high-quality pergola that you will not find anywhere else in the area.

Our artisans are experts in more than just pergola construction and design. Outdoor constructions such as gazebos and pavilions are also among the many that we design. Our gazebos can be designed and built according to your exact specifications. Any three of our major outdoor structures will boost the value of your house while also adding to the beauty of your backyard retreat. Furthermore, we will cover any exterior building with our lifetime guarantee for as long as you live in your house. We will cover any structural damage caused by insects or decay. Before we get into the various advantages of a pergola, let’s have a look at the structure and function of this architectural feature. Pergolas are arches that can be found in gardens, parks, and yards. It is made out of a vertical framework of posts or pillars that hold crossbeams and an open lattice ceiling. Climbing plants are frequently supported by the pergola’s posts and lattice.

Pergolas and arbors are sometimes confused. Arbors, like pergolas, are often smaller and simpler in design, and they may include a bench seat. They are often freestanding or linked to a fence, and they have curved arches at the top. Pergolas, on the other hand, are larger, open structures with a flat surface that are frequently attached to residences or buildings. Pergolas have a distinct aesthetic that sets them apart from most other types of awnings. They have a sculptural and architectural design that can add visual interest to a backyard that is otherwise uninteresting. Pergolas come in a variety of forms, from simple, modern designs to intricate, elaborate, and magnificent constructions.

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If you want a beautiful looking pergola in your property, Deck Builders Tampa FL  can help. We have the best people to do the job for you. No matter what kind of pergola you want to have installed, we will do it for you. With more than 30 years of experience, we make the best Tampa pergola installers in the area.

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