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Wooden decks need to be maintained on a regular basis to keep its color, grain, and lifespan longer. Your deck is exposed to rain, snow, sleet, ice, and direct sunlight all year round.

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It’s critical to refinish your deck to help protect it from the effects of these elements. However, as with staining or painting any surface, it’s critical to follow the proper preparation and application techniques to ensure that you achieve the desired protection and appearance. The sun does a lot of harm to untreated and/or unsealed wood. It changes colour, warps in shape, and dries out considerably faster than it would naturally, making it more prone to cracks. Applying a high-quality stain on your deck, it prevents the sun’s rays from completely permeating the wood and ensures the deck’s lifespan.

Deck Staining Services In Tampa, FL

Deck stain, like your home’s outside paint, can help prevent moisture from soaking into the wood. Although deck stain does not cover the wood in the same manner that paint does, it does act as a moisture barrier. Water-soaked wood can develop mold or mildew, as well as swell and become soft, necessitating the replacement of planks and deck repairs.

Many people believe that sealing a deck with deck sealant will cure all of their wood problems, however cracking is something that sealants alone will not improve or avoid. Your external wood can easily crack due to the sun and the natural drying process. Using an oil-based stain prevents both cracking and moisture buildup or warping by keeping sufficient moisture in the wood while keeping excess water out.

The importance of preparation for the end outcome cannot be overstated. Whether it’s a brand new deck or an older deck that’s been exposed to the elements and has to be re-stained, all wood must be thoroughly cleaned before staining. New timber must be cleaned to eliminate “mill scale,” which is caused by the crushing of grain during the milling process. It can inhibit wood stains from properly permeating into the wood surface if it isn’t cleansed.

Dirt, sun-induced greying, mildew, and existing stains must all be removed before staining an older deck. Cleaning the deck should be done with a deck scrub. It employs an acidic solution to fight mildew while also assisting in the removal of any dirt or grime that has accumulated. When washing decks, avoid using a power washer because it can stain the wood and cause splintering.

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If the deck has a buildup of old stains, the job becomes a little more difficult, but not impossible. Most aged stains can be removed with a single application of a stain stripper. Finally, if there are any little stain spots that won’t come off throughout the cleaning procedure, we can sand them off before staining the decks. Our skilled painters can stain your deck and handle all of your staining requirements. Give Deck Builders Tampa FL a call today to get a free estimate.

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