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Looking for deck repair in the Tampa, Florida area? Deck extensions are a terrific way to add value to your house while also creating a great outside living space.

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Maintaining the deck you already have is the cheapest option! We have a terrific solution that we can use to coat your wood deck with a slip-resistant coloured finish, which will help seal it in and keep termites, water, and the sun out.

Our team gets questions about decking handrails, choosing colors and brands for composite installation, and sun exposure repair for residential and commercial jobs. We have ready-made solutions for wood deck replacement, sealing services, water damage, and stair lighting replacement.


Some Common Issues Decks Might
Have Include :

The majority of decks are supported by concrete supports or are simply anchored in the ground. Water movement around the deck’s base might wear away the dirt around each pillar over time.

Advanced erosion, such as when the concrete anchor shows or the post is mostly exposed, can cause the deck to become unstable. The deck may wobble as a result of this destabilisation, or a snapped post may result. To rethink how the posts anchor into the earth below them, you may need to entirely replace the deck.

Damage to the deck’s surface can easily be repaired by replacing a few boards. When any form of damage affects the majority of the surface, the deck will almost certainly need to be replaced. Wood rot, water intrusion, and mould are the most typical causes of surface damage. Soft or disintegrating wood, obvious mould development and spores, or severe cracking and splintering are all things to look for.

Backyard decks are connected to the house via ledger boards. When these boards deteriorate, gravity and the weight of the deck may cause the entire structure to slope away from the house.

Someone could trip over the gap or the building could collapse, making a leaning deck a severe safety issue. Water can leak through the surface boards, support framework, and posts through gaps between the deck and the house, causing rot.

While modest fading or stains may not harm the performance of a deck, widespread discoloration can suggest major underlying problems. Spilled liquids like harsh cleaning chemicals, motor fluids, and cooking grease can damage the finish and material of the deck over time. Older decks are also more likely to have concealed stability issues. If you don’t know how old a deck is, advanced fading, peeling varnish, and numerous flaws indicate that it needs restoration or replacement. If you detect any of these indicators, consider replacing the item rather than attempting to repair it. A thorough replacement can restore the deck’s safety and functionality.

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