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A wood deck can help you get more out of your outside space. You can use it to host guests, set up an outdoor kitchen, or simply relax in the yard.

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While having a deck in your yard is a lovely thing to have, it is a luxury that requires some upkeep. Refinishing wood decks, in addition to regular deck cleaning, is essential for maintaining them in good condition. Refinishing a wood deck not only improves the appearance, but it also protects the wood and extends the life of the components. You should hire professionals to restore your hardwood deck, doing it yourself is often not as effective. Our refinishing includes scrubbing, stripping, power washing, inspecting, fixing, sanding, staining, and sealing are all steps in the process of refinishing a deck.

Deck Refinishing

Sanding and paint removal, power washing and cleaning, and hand staining are all aspects of the deck refinishing process that we specialise in. Most decks have a variety of surfaces to refinish, and they don’t all weather at the same rate. A north-facing railing spindle will last far longer than a south-facing deck floor. A deck part covered by a roof will not wear as well as one that is open to the elements. To make matters even more complicated, there’s a good chance your deck already has a stain on it that needs to be removed entirely or partially.

We Care About The Environment – We love outdoors as much as you do, therefore we use low-VOC stains, biodegradable cleansers, and high-quality / long-lasting equipment to safeguard our magnificent environment.

Before Refinishing, We’ll Perform Repairs – Prior to refinishing, our professional carpenters can repair your deck, fence, or siding. We recommend our friends at Deck Builder Tampa if you need structural repairs, full replacement, or new construction.

Specialty Refinishing Services Are Available –Do you have a refinishing requirement that is not traditional? If it’s made of wood, we’ve probably refinished it, whether it’s adirondack chairs, deck furniture, playsets, treehouses, or chicken coops.

We Work On Commercial And Homeowner Association Projects – Our crew is capable of handling projects of any scale. Please Contact Us if you represent a business or HOA interest in need of wood refinishing to understand how we can save you time, money, and headaches.

We Guarantee You’ll Be Pleased With The Results – We want to build long-term partnerships, thus we want every customer to be completely satisfied. You can trust us to keep you informed and resolve any issues that arise throughout the course of a project.

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Our expertise lies in determining the most efficient and cost-effective refinishing method for each deck floor and railing. We work with you to identify the optimum route that gives you the best look while requiring the least amount of future upkeep. Deck Builders Tampa FL work with you to identify the optimum route that gives you the best look while requiring the least amount of future upkeep.

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